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Fast-moving consumer goods, also known as consumer packaged goods, are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost.


Partnering with a third party logistics (3PL) company to manage your supply chain, gives you flexibility to focus on other areas of your business. We have buildings that can provide you with warehousing & distribution, overflow, inventory management, order fulfillment, cross-docking and transloading services . . .


We offer a variety of transportation services to get your product delivered where it needs to be on your deadline and your busget. Need ocean freight, air freight or land freight? No problem. We can service domestic tranport and international transport. We can even handle customs clearance for import and export.


Sometimes you need more than storage and transportation. That is why we offer a wide selection of Value Added services to all our customers. Services include kitting, packageing, labeling, overflow, project logistics, financing, control tower management, mission critical freight and so much more!

#1 Place To Manage All Of Your Shipments

90% of our customers say that their focus on expanding the business has increased because of our competent and on time delivery with a variety of link all over that world that helps us do all shipment transactions with no problem at all and with secured shipping lines.

Our global network of locations like Southern California, USA, Singapore, The Netherlands or Dubai, UAE allows our team to move your products quickly and efficiently from one country to another supporting your supply chain.

From Europe to Asutralia, by air or sea? We offer fast, reliable and accurate worldwide delivery directly to your doors, factory and warehouses.

Fast Moving Consumer Products

Fast-moving consumer goods, also known as consumer packaged goods, are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Food & Beverage

We Make Sure to maintian the best tempreture and carfully tranport food & beverages all around the glob with the best conditions.

Freight Forwarding

ProCargo assists with such matters as documentation, insurance, packaging, and warehousing, and offers a variety of shipping methods to suit each client’s requirements. We strive to relieve our clients of as much responsibility as possible in any freight forwarding consignment, including all required documentation. We make the required bookings and follow the shipment’s progress until the job is complete. Our vast network of international contacts and expert knowledge of the international forwarding industry places ProCargo in a position to address all of your transportation requirements.


We’re here to reduce your stress level. Now, we don’t own the vessels, the planes, the trucks but we do know the people who do! And we’ve known them a long time. Your product is visible to us (and to you!) every step of the way.  Is your shipment safe?  Is it secure?  Do we know where it is? Our strength in the transportation area gives you the comfort of knowing your freight is managed locally and internationally by air, by sea or land. Our systems are all connected (no wires!) and full visibility.


More value on top of value? What does that mean? Well, what we really mean here is sometimes you just need a little more help in areas that won’t be necessary all the time. Or maybe it’s a one-time only need. Well – we are really good at projects and managing these for people. We like doing different things and because of our checklist, we do them pretty good. Talk to us if you need that extra pair of hands, we can help you.

Air Freight

Shipping your freight by air with ProCargo will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency. We are in direct contact with the world’s major air carriers who provide us with secured space on flights as needed. Additionally, we are available 24/7 to offer charter flight assistance to meet your requirements. Our global, door-to-door services include customs clearance, and inland transport to interior points, as well as coordinating with our sea freight operations for shipping cargo in the most cost-effective manner. We work in accordance with the International Airlines Transport Association (IATA) to issue airway bills on behalf of clients.

Ocean Freight

ProCargo is a single-source vendor who can handle your ocean shipments from any point on the globe to another, whether your needs are terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door. With ProCargo, you’re offered the resources with a full line of services. (Pro Cargo’s NVOCC) is licensed and regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC 3472NF), which requires both professional qualifications and financial bonding to perform its ocean forwarding functions. As an NVOCC, is not tied to one transportation source.

Road Freight

Shipping touches everything in the modern world. 90% of the commodities traded worldwide have at some point been transported by Land. As one of the world’s largest shipping agencies, representing more than 3,500 Principals and handling over 101,000 jobs annually, is alongside to ease the way for your vessels plying the world’s shipping lanes. Our global network of 300 owned offices and trusted partners elsewhere covers thousands of locations worldwide. Our 24/7 operations are backed by in-depth local expertise and excellent relations with port authorities for fast and efficient vessel turnaround.

Handles origin, destination and all intermediate vessel or flight requirements and forwarding, customs, costing and invoicing requirements in the one compellingly simple multi-layered form that is transparent organization-wide. Integrated electronic manifesting between branches and countries eliminates costly double entry of consol and shipment data. It also integrates tightly with AES, AMS, FWB/FHL and Online Airline Schedules/TACT.

A multi-warehousing, multi-client contract logistics warehouse management software with powerful inventory control and invoicing modules that accurately handle client stock across single or multiple warehouses. The single enterprise-wide database can handle 3PL and 4PL and acts as a complete warehousing software application for management, stocktaking and auditing.

A sophisticated order tracking module that enables individual orders to be tracked from the time the order is placed until the order is received by the consignee. This module links automatically with Forwarder and WebTracker and also allows the integration of order management processes into the client’s business processes.


Full document management system creates the paperless office. Store all paper documents in a digital form that is attached to jobs, client files, creditor invoices and even staff files. Once billed and paid, jobs can be permanently archived to medium-term online storage or archived to CD-ROM for long-term storage of 10 or more years.


We are a service company . . . so we should provide service, right? And if we plan on doing it for awhile, we should probably be pretty good at it. You know what? We are! We are good at it. We can give you all the buzz words that sell you on what we are . . . innovative, flexible, efficient. But, bottom line, we know you are depending on us to do what we do well. We love the fact that you can pass the baton to us and no longer worry! We don’t feel we have to be the biggest guy out there (even though we are global) and we don’t have to promise the world (even though we have a wide selection of services). We just need you to know we care . . . and because we care, we go out of our way to serve you. Simply at your service!

Project Logistics
/ E-Commerce Fulfillment

Need to get a project done, but not sure where to start? No problem. can handle your logistics project from A – Z. Our teams across the globe are skilled at servicing all levels of the supply chain. Give us the details of your product’s need and a timeline and we create a solution just for you!