Land Freight Service

Land Freight

The one constant for any shipment is that there is always a land transport element to it. At some point, your shipment is in a truck.

The key to our success in land transportation is having the tools that allow us to keep our customer informed with accurate information. When you outsource your land transportation functions, you want a partner who gives you everything you need and at a competitive price with highly reliable door-to-door services.

Our extensive network becomes an extension of your business with excellent providers who know the local markets and understand all the compliance requirements. That local expertise is important when delivering quality service. That ease of business allows you to concentrate on your core business areas and we take care of the details.

Daily frequencies within each market between major cities create a consistent service and delivery level that our customers enjoy. Whether your shipment requires truckload, partial load, or expedited, we have relationships with carriers that can manage any type of shipment that you require. We can route, manage and schedule all your shipments with our global comprehensive planning tool. Optimizing and tracking maximize yield, increase load capacities and provide real time performance reports.

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Handles origin, destination and all intermediate vessel or flight requirements and forwarding, customs, costing and invoicing requirements in the one compellingly simple multi-layered form that is transparent organization-wide. Integrated electronic manifesting between branches and countries eliminates costly double entry of consol and shipment data. It also integrates tightly with AES, AMS, FWB/FHL and Online Airline Schedules/TACT.

A multi-warehousing, multi-client contract logistics warehouse management software with powerful inventory control and invoicing modules that accurately handle client stock across single or multiple warehouses. The single enterprise-wide database can handle 3PL and 4PL and acts as a complete warehousing software application for management, stocktaking and auditing.

A sophisticated order tracking module that enables individual orders to be tracked from the time the order is placed until the order is received by the consignee. This module links automatically with Forwarder and WebTracker and also allows the integration of order management processes into the client’s business processes.


Full document management system creates the paperless office. Store all paper documents in a digital form that is attached to jobs, client files, creditor invoices and even staff files. Once billed and paid, jobs can be permanently archived to medium-term online storage or archived to CD-ROM for long-term storage of 10 or more years.

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